Blue ZonesŪ

On April 15, 2019 Copperleaf Golf Club hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony and proudly became a Blue Zones® Recognized Community!

Our members benefit by:

Moving More Naturally
Our members are able to walk or bike to the Activity Center, Tennis Courts, Bocce Courts, Poolside Cafe, Golf Course and Clubhouse.

Having Purpose
As a social golf club, our members are involved in many committees and organizations within Copperleaf.

Many Fitness Classes are offered that allow for downshifting and meditation however, what is more relaxing than being on a golf course?

80% Rule
The Blue Zones Project suggests eating until 80% full. We offer plenty of healthier options on our menus, but always enjoy the splurge of a Wine Dinner.

Plant Slant
Copperleaf has plans for a small garden in which herbs will be used in our kitchens.

Wine @5
If you enjoy wine, we have our own version of “Wine at Five”. Members participate in our Monday Night Social once a week.

Family FIRST
We offer many events with family or friends that have become family can join you for. We offer many events for kids and grandkids as well.

We believe that belonging to Copperleaf gives our members a sense of community.

Right Tribe
It is important to surround yourself with those who support positive and healthy hobbies. We offer many card groups, golf groups, tennis groups, bocce groups, pickleball groups, fitness groups, book clubs, etc.

To learn more about The Blue Zones Project® please visit